Artificial Flowers The beauty of nature re-created in silk!".

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Save money using artificial stem flowers for your vase or planter to complete your display.
Our wide variety of flowers are more than we have listed here.Send us an email if there's a flower you're looking for but can't find.
Our flowers are used for retail merchandising, hotel & restaurant decor, casino trim, commercial interiors, theater & movie productions, set design and more!
Min order: $100. Sales To Businesses Only.

Snapdragon 40"
Snapdragon 46"

Lily Varieties
Casablanca Lily
Rubrum Lily
Stargazer Lily
Tiger Lily

Calla Lily
Calla Lily 30"
Calla Lily stem 29"
Calla Lily stem 32"
Mini Calla Lily 26"

Bellisimo Cabbage Rose
Bellisimo English Rose
Empress Rose
Empress Rose x2Bud
English Rose
Euradoriam Tea Rose
Granada Rose
Magic Rose
Prince Tango Rose

Parrot Tulip 31"
Tulip 30"
Parrot Tulip 27"
Single Tulip
Tulip 26"

Jumbo Magnolia
Magnolia Leaf Branch
Sm Magnolia w/bud
Southern Magnolia

Ranunculus 31"

Wisteria Branch
Wisteria Leaf Branch
Wisteria Spray
Wisteria Spray x3

Vintage Garden Poppy
Magnolia Leaf Branch
Sm Magnolia w/bud
Southern Magnolia