Wholesale Counter Top Mirrors

Min order: $100. Sales to Businesses only

  • Acrylic Countertop Mirrors are ideal for jewelry and cosmetic counters.
  • Showcase a special item on the mirrored cube.On hand-made items, listed measurements may vary.

Bent Acrylic Countertop Mirrors

Available in two sizes:

ML1 9 x7 x 3"
ML2 12 x11 x 4"

Bent Acrylic Countertop Mirror


Beveled Glass Mirrors

MR Series in 11 sizes for every countertop mirror need. All sizes are diameter.

MR15 1 1/2" diameter
MR2 2" diameter
MR25 2 1/2 " diameter
MR3 3" diameter
MR35 3 1/2" diameter
MR4 4" diameter
MR5 5" diameter
MR6 6" diameter
MR7 7" diameter
MR8 8" diameter
MR10 10" diameter

Beveled Glass Mirrors

Countertop Mirrors

Pivoting Mirror
These beveled glass mirrors pivot on clear acrylic bases. (sizes are: HxWxD)

CMS6 8 1/8x7x2 1/2
CMS8 10 1/8 x9x3
CMS10 12 1/8 x11x3 1/2
Slant-back Mirror
Black acrylic provides a striking accent for thes beveled glass mirrors. (sizes are: HxWxD)

CMA6 6 1/4 x7x4
CMA8 8 3/4 x9x4
CMA10 10 1/2 x11x77

Countertop Mirrors

Mirrored Cubes

Acrylic cubes are mirrored on five sides. Create interest with reflection for counter or window displays. 8 sizes available: (sizes are: HxWxD)

MCM4 4x4x4
MCM6 6x6x6
MCM8 8x8x8
MCM10 10x10x10
MCM12 12x12x12
MCMR46 4x6x4
MCMR69 6x9x6
MCMR82 8x12x8

Mirrored Cubes

Oval Bent Acrylic Countertop Mirror

Frame your customer's face perfectly in this oval mirror. Elegant, curved and slightly bent shape allows that the customer can see themselves easily.

2 sizes available: (sizes are: HxWxD)

MLC9  9x8x3 3/8

MLC12  12x8x3 3/8

Oval Bent Acrylic Countertop Mirror

Three-Way Acrylic Mirrors

Place this three-paneled mirror behind merchandise for an all-around perspective or on a high counter for the customer to view earrings, hats, eyeglasses, etc.

3 sizes available: (sizes are: HxWxD)

MR105  10x12x4 1/2
Three 10 x 5 panels

MR34 4x10x 3 1/2
Three 4 x 4 panels

MR37 7x16x 6
Three 7 x 7 panels

Three-Way Acrylic Mirrors

Hand Mirror

Hand held 3/16"-thick acrylic mirror is
convenient for jewelry displays of all kinds.

HM1 9-1/4"H x 7" W

Hand Held Mirror


9-1/4"H x 7" W

Slatwall Mirrors

Acrylic slatwall mirrors are available in 2 shapes and 2 sizes in either Rectangular or Oval.

ZML1 Rectangular 9 H x 7" W
ZML2 Rectangular 12 H x 11" W

ZML9 Oval 9 H x 6" W
ZML12 Oval 12 H x 9" W

Slatwall Mirrors