Acrylic Stairs

Minimum order: $100 Sales to Businesses only.
  • Acrylic Countertop Stairs are a popular way to make efficient use of valuable counter space.
  • The many different sizes and styles make it easy to create eye-catching displays.Great for trade shows!
  • These stairs feature polished edges and are available in either clear, black or frosted acrylic.
  • Lighted Stairs for Liquor Bottles and Glassware.
  • On hand-made items, listed measurements may vary.


Two, Three and Four Step Stairs

These stairs feature polished edges, and are available in either clear, black, or frosted acrylic. Legs attach with stainless steel screws. (Four step shown to the right).

Two Step sizes range from 4 1/4" H to 6 1/4 " H and are item numbers: ST3, ST5 and ST6 in clear, black or frosted.

Three Step sizes range from 6 3/8" H to 12 1/4 " H. The item numbers are: ST4, ST7, ST8 and ST9 in clear, black or frosted.

Four Step sizes range from 12 1/4" H to 16 1/4 " H. Four step stairs are made with polished 1/4"-thick acrylic and have four 1 "-thick rod legs to accommodate extra weight. Available in clear only. The item numbers are: ST1235, ST1246, ST1835 and ST1846.


6 3/8" H x 12 "W x 12 5/8"D

Steps are 4" deep.

Lighted Stair Display


This lighted stair display ships completely assembled and ready to use. Just plug in and turn on the switch!You can easily display up to 12-15 liquor bottles or stemware on this three level unit .

These unique lighted stairs have a special low-heat bulb with a brightness equivalent to 75 watts. The glow through translucent white steps illuminate without glare. The sides are black acrylic to keep the light in and there is a solid, slide-up back to easily change the bulb.


• The sides of this shelf are made of black acrylic.

• Three level shelf displays 12-15 bottles, glassware or other transparent items.

• Cord features an easy to use rolling style on-off switch.

• Ships fully assembled.


• Dimensions: 18 1/4"L x 12 1/2"W x 12 1/2"H. Shelf stair is 4" deep.

Ships fully assembled. Item#ST9CL


12 1/2" H x 18 1/4 W x 12 1/2 D

Stair depth is 4"


Tapered Stairs

These distinctive, one-piece tapered stairs are another option in creating interesting displays. They also provide a good way to make use of corner space. Three sizes are available in clear or frosted acrylic.

SGA  6 1/2 x6 x7"
SGB  9 1/4 x9 x 9 3/4"
SGC 12 x 12 x 12 1/2"


6 1/2 x6 x7"

Available clear or frosted.

Tiered and Cascade Tiered Stairs

Tiered stairs give displays height and create interesting visual spaces underneath. Some of these one-piece stairs are available in black acrylic, all are available in either clear or frosted acrylic.

ST1 6 1/4 x 11 3/4 x 6
Tiered Stairs with two side steps 3" deep. Top is 5". Available in clear, black and frosted.

MGA 5 1/4 x 11 1/2 x 6 1/2" (shown to the right)
Cascade Tiered Stairs with two side steps. Steps are 2x2", top is 4x4"
Available clear or frosted.

MGB 6 1/2 x 14 x 18" (same as above)
Cascade Tiered Stairs with two side steps. Steps are 2x3", top is 5 1/2x5 1/2". Available clear or frosted.

MGC 6 1/2 x 14 x 10"
Cascade Tiered Stairs with one side step. Steps is 3x4 1/4" top is 8x8". Available clear or frosted.


Cascade Tiered Stairs

5 1/4" H x 11 1/2" W x 6 1/2" D

steps are 2x2"

top is 4x4"

Available clear or frosted.

Sign Attachments for Stairs

Insert a sign or photo into this one-piece sign holder, which attaches to any of our rod-leg stairs.

When assembling the stairs, simply insert the sign holder between the rods and the stair.

Sign attachment item numbers are: SAT6, SAT8, SAT10, SAT12, SAT18, SAT212, SAT218.

Sign attachments range in size from 4 1/2"H x 6"W to 4 1/2"H x 18"W to fit two, three and four step stairs. Stairs are sold separately .

SAT12 Sign Attachment

4 1/2"H x 12"W
fits stairs ST4, ST5 and ST8.