Acrylic Rotating Counter top Displayers
Countertop Displays

Minimum order: $100 Sales to Businesses only.
  • Display multiple items neatly in these rotating crystal clear acrylic displays.
  • On handmade items, listed sizes may vary slightly

Ten-Pocket Rotating Display

White acrylic base and center with alternating clear acrylic pockets. Mounted on a lazy susan base.

TPRD4 18 3/4 H x 9 3/4Wx9 3/4D. 1/8 " thick.
Pocket size 2" high, 4" wide, 4" deep, clearance between pockets 4".

TPRD6 20 3/4H x13 3/4Wx13 3/4D. 1/8 " thick.
Pocket size 2" high, 6" wide, 6" deep, clearance between pockets 5".

Ten-Pocket Rotating Display

TPRD4 pictured

Vertical Cylinder Rotator

Six 4"-high cylinders on this display are fixed on a manual turn, lazy susan base. The seventh Cylinder fits in the center, is 6"-high and is removable. All cylinders are 4" in diameter.

#3337 6 3/4" H x 12" diameter

Vertical Cylinder Rotator


7 cylinders

(center cylinder is removable)