Acrylic Pegboard & Slatwall Accessories

Minimum order: $100 Sales to Businesses only.

  • The hooks, rods and pegs your business needs to display products on pegboard, gridwall or slatwall.
  • Many of the slatwall accessories are available for gridwall (add the letter "G" for gridwall mounts) or pegboard.
  • Some are available with holes drilled for wall mounting.
  • On hand-made items, the listed measurements may vary.  |Min order: $100. Sales to Businesses only

Acrylic Pegboard

Non-stock. Made to order

Clear or black acrylic pegboard with polished, laser-cut holes on 1" centers.
Made of 1/8" thick acrylic.

Heigh x Width x Thickness

PEG2448 48x 24x1/8 Clear

PEG2448B 48x 24x1/8 Black

Acrylic Pegboard

clear or black

Pegboard Hook

PEGR12 Two-inch long hook fit in standard pegboard holes. Ideal for the Four-Sided Pegboard Hook

Pegboard Hook

Single Hook Bar for Slatwall

1 1/2"-long notched hooks

ZNH1 2" Wide

also available with 3 or 6 Hooks.

Single Hook Bar

3 or 6 Hook Bar for Slatwall

1 1/2"-long notched hooks

ZNH3 9" Wide
Three Hooks, as pictured in the ZNH6 but with only three hooks.

ZNH6 18" Wide
Six hooks.

Six Hook Bar 18" Wide

also available with 3 hooks or 1 hook

Display Hook for Slatwall

ZH1 3 1/2 H x 6"W

Display Hook

Rod Peg for Slatwall

1"-diameter rod with endcap.
4 sizes:

ZPG1  1 1/2" D

ZPG3  3" D

ZPG4  4 1/2" D

ZPG6  6" D

Rod Peg